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Welcome to Best Electronic Cigarette Review

It can be quite cumbersome to find an e-Cigarette that’s tailored not only to your budget but lifestyle. We realize that as a daunting task, it can be hard to sift through millions of expert and user reviews to find that perfect brand or extraordinary accessory. Furthermore, it can also be an arduous task to find information applicable to those wanting to make a transition from dangerous traditional cigarettes to smokeless cigarettes. Conventional cigarettes not only harm your body but harm those around you. With an e-Cigarette, not only do you satisfy your craving for nicotine but reduces the risk you’d get with a conventional tobacco cigarette and helps curbs pollution of the environment.


This Site Just Might Change Your Life! … or Help Anyway

You’ll find on this site comprehensive information to help you make a reasonable decision when transitioning to an e-Cigarette. Browse through a series of reviews on this site and you’ll be guaranteed to find at least 10 highly regarded electronic cigarette brands, each based on REAL consumer impressions and reviews. Our knowledgeable staff knows the e-Cigarette industry inside and out. They sift through products to find ones that over promise and under deliver and others that provide the best possible vaping experience imaginable.

So why is a Tobacco Cigarette Bad for Me?

Each traditional tobacco cigarette contains well over 400 dangerous chemical additives, with over a staggering 51 chemical components proven to be carcinogenic. With use, smoke from a cigarette contains a staggering 4000+ chemicals which means that nearly 97% of what you smoke in a traditional tobacco cigarette isn’t nicotine. Each cigarette is wrapped in paper and burned with the user inhaling the dangerous chemicals through a fiberglass filter. It doesn’t take a scientist to note the sheer danger in inhaling chemicals that are using in such products such as detergents and pesticides.

What Makes an Electronic Cigarette the Better Option?

Electronic cigarettes don’t contain the thousands of harmless chemical components you’d find in a traditional cigarette. The only two ingredients found in an electronic cigarette are nicotine and water vapor. Each electronic cigarette uses an atomizer or cartomizer that contains a solution of glycerin and nicotine. This solution is clean and provides you with an unfiltered amount of nicotine and glycerin helps give off smoke that you’d see in a conventional cigarette that’s nothing more than harmless water vapor.

Each exhale is water vapor. Each inhale contains the nicotine that satisfies your craving safely. The beauty of an electronic cigarette is that unlike a conventional tobacco stick, you’re free to smoke one anywhere as the dangers of second hand smoke and public annoyance are virtually nonexistent.

Are e-Cigarettes a Better Alternative to other Quitting Options?

Many people have used electronic cigarettes as means of weaning themselves from the harsh, dangerous tobacco cigarette to a purer smoking alternative that only contains nicotine. While some people have permanently switched to e-Cigarettes, others have found success in kicking the habit altogether simply by transitioning from a normal pack of cigarettes to the e-Cigarette and eventually to successfully quitting their habit altogether. E-Cigarettes are definitely the better choice when trying to limit your smoking habit and have a better effect than other methods such as:


1) Simply scaling back: even limiting the amount of cigarettes you smoke per day still means you’re inhaling a dangerous amount of carcinogens, you haven’t mitigated any of the effects, just spread them out over a slightly longer period of time.

2) Cigarette Patches, Chewing Tobacco, etc: patches can prove affective but also very costly, especially when trying to find the right one that limits daily nicotine, it can be a crapshoot to find a brand that keeps you on the patch. Some even try to switch to Chewing Tobacco, which again, doesn’t mitigate any effects and instead increases your risk of cancers such as mouth and throat.

3) Quitting completely: It’s difficult to simply quit an addictive substance outright. What you need is to wean yourself from a cigarette on to something less harmful, gradually moving closer to your goal of kicking your habit. An electronic cigarette can be that stepping stone between constant addiction and freedom from nicotine.


Why we’re here

Regardless of your reasons for transitioning to a smokeless cigarette, we provide honest feedback and expert opinions about real products that real people use. Our “vaping” experts show you which product is trending in the e-Cigarette market and which accessory is giving e-Cigarette users the best bang for their buck. Each article is thoroughly reviewed and fact checked for accuracy. We also have a voice. If a product isn’t to the standards consumers expect, we’ll be sure to mention it and be critical not to a fault but as a benefit to you, the consumer.

We realize that our industry knowledge and expert analysis can often times go over a potential e-Cigarette smoker’s head, that’s why we’re “newbie friendly.” We provide well write articles with critical input from visitors who’ve visited our site for years. We make sure to highlight anything and everything that could be informative to you. Our site offers everything from a Q&A section, to expert feedback on specific brands you’re interested in; to even product comparisons done by industry respected e-Cigarette experts. Every word is meticulously written to guide you and bring you a brand that’s right for you. Any budget, any preference, we have you covered.

Our site gives you unlimited access to up-to-date news and guides on various e-Cigarette products and genuine advice on what brand is right for you. We wade through fact and fiction from other blogs and manufacturer websites to deliver you the unfiltered truth. You won’t find sensationalist claims or unsubstantiated rumors. We provide only the facts. When consumers are given just the facts on a brand, they can make an informed decision. That’s our number one goal.

Traditional cigarette smoking is one of the most dangerous habits humans have gotten themsleves into!

Many smokers subject themselves to these dangerous, ridiculously expensive death-sticks because of the pleasure they derive from nicotine. As stated above, a conventional cigarette contains thousands of harmful chemicals that quite literally drown out nicotine. This website was created because, like many, the site’s owner realized how much cleaner it is to smoke an electronic cigarette and to provide a portal for e-Cigarette consumers to pool their information and inform others of the latest happenings in the industry.

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